Deep Tissue /Sports Massage

Our deep tissue sports massage is specific, treatment based, therapeutic bodywork.   It’s an  integrative approach that is focused on the particular muscles and injuries specific to a sport or injury. It encompasses any technique that the therapist knows and feels are necessary for a particular session, most of the time, those techniques are Deep Tissue Massage, Stretching, Cupping, Myofascial Release, Trigger Point Therapy, and other modalities.



Tailored uniquely to your individual needs in order to release the stress and tension and create relaxation. Sessions help you increase energy, relax muscles, relax the mind, peak individual performance and reduce pain. All you need to do is clearly communicate your needs and expectations at the time of your session.



The Kinesio Tape system is the first taping technique to actually give support with full range of motion enabling an individual to participate in physical activity with functional assistance.  (You may have seen athletes performing at the Bejing Olympics with multicolored tape on the back or a limb.  They were wearing Kinesio Tape.)

kinesio tape arm Kinesio-Taping-knee


Fascial Stretch TherapyTM is a unique method of assisted stretching focusing on opening and lengthening the body’s joint capsules and fascial network. FST is a pain free practice which produces results through the use of breath and state of the art stretching techniques. It is a complete and complementary system of table-based assisted stretching, focusing on the fascia and joint capsule as the key elements in achieving optimal flexibility, strength, performance and pain relief. The therapist guides the client gently through a complete range of motion, beginning with the deepest areas of restriction and moving outward to the most superficial, in order to provide maximum benefits.

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Cupping uses gentle, controlled suction to open up muscle tissue and vastly increase local circulation of blood and fluids.Cupping Therapy softens tight muscles, tones attachments, loosens adhesions and lifts connective tissue by creating suction and negative pressure. This same suction also brings hydration and blood flow to body tissues, and drains excess fluids and toxins by opening lymphatic pathways (a vital part of the immune system).

cupping pic



NormaTec Recovery System is a set of compression boots that utilize external dynamic compression for healing and recovery. Pulsing instead of static compression mimics the body’s normal blood flow, gradients allow the pressure to be evenly distributed throughout the limbs, and distal release helps the body release pressures and decreases backflow. This unique combination of massage techniques is known to speed up recovery and enhance performance.

normatec boots griff